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(1) Locket nii-san gave him
(2) Switchblade
(3) Loaded pistol
(4) Special dispenser of poison
(5) Ashford Academy uniform
(6) Set of causal clothes

Acquired from tower
(1) A Vincent model kit
(2) A rifle that kills immortals (from V/V)
(3) His blue pilot suit

Tower info

Aug. 21st, 2022 10:52 am
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Living in room 4-02.
Collar color is green. Just like nii-san's~!!!! now violet...

Name/Alias: Rolo Lamperouge (current), Rolo Haliburton, Lord Kimmel, 'The Scorpion', 'The Angel of Death', 'the failed experiment' (by V.V.)
Age: 14-16
Height: 170.5cm | 5'7"
Weight: 55kg
Birthday:  25th October (fake)
Nationality: Britannian
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Violet
Family: Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia (older foster brother), Nunnally Lamperouge/vi Britannia (younger foster sister??) 
Voice actor: Takahiro Mizushima
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Player Information

Name: Nami
Personal Journal: [personal profile] namikala
Age: /age removed after app was accepted/
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] namikala
Other Characters Played: Chihiro Fujisaki [personal profile] cutestprogrammer

Character Information

Character Name: Rolo Lamperouge
Character Series: Code Geass
Character Age: 14 - 16, actual age is never given, Rolo himself probably doesn't know.
Character Gender: Lelouch-sexual, I mean, male
Canon Point: After his death
Background Link: Wiki!
Rolo was raised and trained by the Geass Order and the Britannian Office of Secret Intelligence from a young age to be cold, ruthless, detached and to follow orders without question. Nothing is known of Rolo's true background and Rolo himself does not seem at all interested in learning about it. Human lives mean nothing to him and he's been carrying out assassination missions for Britainnia since the age of six as his Geass, which stops his target's subjective sense of time, makes him very suitable for carrying out assassinations. Rolo has killed so many that he likens killing to brushing his teeth or eating a meal.

For Rolo, the most important thing is succeeding in the mission he's been given and even when he's put in a team, he doesn't hesitate to kill his teammates if they hinder him or jeopardize the mission. Humans for him are essentially dispensable. He doesn't attempt to and has no wish to form any sort of bond with his teammates. Instead, he is harsh and blunt about pointing out their failings. Ultimately, he prefers working alone.

However, despite all that, Rolo does long for a place to belong and for someone to love him. He knows he's been nothing but a tool of the Order and Britainnia and deep inside him he wishes to be more than that and to be more human. During the year in which he posed as Lelouch's younger brother, he experienced what it was like to be loved and cherished, and to have a family. Lelouch's memories were altered during that year so he thought Rolo was his real brother and lavished him with love, affection and attention. All these were things Rolo had never experienced before. Lelouch even celebrated Rolo's birthday (though it was actually Nunnally's birthday) and gave him the first birthday gift he'd ever received - a musical locket that Rolo greatly treasures. The locket is of such importance to him that he casually kills anyone who touches it. Being Lelouch's younger brother greatly affects Rolo and he falls so completely into this role that he desperately wants this lie to go on even after Lelouch regains his real memories.

Rolo's original mission was to keep a close eye on Lelouch's every move and to kill him the moment he regains his real memories, yet Rolo has grown so emotionally attached to Lelouch and so afraid of losing the only family he's ever known that he finds it increasingly hard to make himself kill Lelouch. Because of this, Lelouch is able to easily manipulate Rolo into betraying the Geass Order and Britannia and to join forces with him instead when Lelouch pretends to save Rolo and tells him that the time they've shared as brothers is genuine.

After switching allegiance, Rolo trusts Lelouch unconditionally and shows unwavering loyalty and support for him. His trust and loyalty is so painfully complete that it borders on naivety and blinds him to the fact that Lelouch is planning to kill him the moment he outlives his usefulness. To Rolo, everything his older brother Lelouch says or does is right and he's willing to do anything for Lelouch. He also swiftly eliminates anyone he perceives as a threat to Lelouch.

However, the darker side of Rolo's deep emotional attachment to Lelouch is that he's become jealously possessive of Lelouch. He wants Lelouch to belong only to him and feels that he's the only family Lelouch needs. When Nunnally is revealed to be the new governor of Area 11, Rolo tries to manipulate and convince Lelouch into giving up being Zero and to just be Lelouch Lamperouge, the student of Ashford Academy and his older brother, by telling Lelouch that he'll be able to protect Nunnally by giving up Zero and the Black Knights. Rolo's possessiveness drives him to kill Shirley as she wanted to reunite Lelouch with Nunnally, though he tells Lelouch later, rather innocently, that he killed her because she's regained her memories of Lelouch being responsible for her father's death and she was holding a gun... He also tries to kill Nunnally when Lelouch asks him to rescue her but fails.

Rolo is so deeply obsessed with Lelouch and with having a family that even when Lelouch screams at him in anger (after Nunnally is believed to be dead) that he can never replace Nunnally and that Lelouch hates him and has been trying to kill him all along, Rolo stubbornly refuses to believe all this and convinces himself that Lelouch is lying. The rational part of him knows that he is nothing but a tool, a pawn in Lelouch's schemes, yet he desperately clings onto the warmth and love he received from Lelouch during the year they'd spent as siblings. In the end, when everyone else has betrayed Lelouch, Rolo is the only one who's still there for him and he sacrifices himself to protect the only 'family' he has and he dies with the belief that despite what Lelouch said, Lelouch does love and care for him as a brother and a human being. It helps that Lelouch does finally call him his younger brother right before he dies. He also takes great pride in the fact that his final act of saving Lelouch is done out of his own free will as a human being and not because he is ordered to do so as someone's tool.

Yet, though Rolo is now more 'human', he is still rather detached towards the people around him other than Lelouch. He doesn't really care about and is uninterested in anyone other than his brother. Due to his training, Rolo is rather good at being deceptive and putting on a false facade. During his time at Ashford Academy, he put on the appearance of a sweet, shy, innocent young boy and many people, especially the members of the student council, believe him to be that. The truth is he just can't care less about other people. However, to some extent, his shyness may actually be part of his true personality since all his life, he's been taught to think of people as just things and mission objectives so he really is unsure of how to act around other people in a familiar, everyday way.

Rolo is a trained assassin skilled mainly in the use of short-range firearms and weapons with his preferred weapon being a switchblade. He's known to use explosives and poisons as well. He's also able to drive a number of vehicles and is a very skilled Knightmare Frame pilot. His Knightmare Frame of choice being the Vincent. 

More importantly, Rolo is a Geass user and (unlike Lelouch) he is in complete control of his Geass. It only manifests itself when he wants it to. He possesses the Geass of the "Ward of Absolute Suspension". This makes him able to stop the subjective sense of time of anyone within his sphere of influence. His Geass doesn't require eye contact and he's able to cast it on the same person repeatedly. It is also not blocked by physical obstacles. There is basically no limit as to how big the sphere of influence can be (though it is determinded at the moment it is cast) or how many people can be within it. However, the larger the sphere and the more people within it, the greater the toll it takes on Rolo physically. This is because each time Rolo uses his Geass, his heart stops. Thus he can only use his Geass in short bursts of roughly 5 seconds. Another weakness is that he's unable to stop inanimate objects as his Geass only affects living things.

Sample Entry:
From Dear Mun: Link 1, Link 2


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